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for Songs of Freedom and Struggle

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Chicago Peoples Music Network  Info on the PMN/SFS Chicago Gathering

Boston Peoples Music Network  Another PMN/SFS site

Freedom Song Network Affirms through songs and music the right of all peoples, at home and abroad, to establish more free, just, and equal societies and live in peace.

Songs of Freedom  The web site of the award winning cable television show hosted by PMN member Joel Landy.  Songs of Freedom celebrates the dignity of human struggle with its many faces and its many voices. The site offers music and social commentary and acts as a meeting place for artists and activists.  The site is currently organizing people to be in Washington DC January 20th, to bare witness and voice outrage to the rewarding of thievery in the 2000 election. The site links to pro-democracy sites listing transportation information.

Songs for Social Change Songs for Social Change (SFSC) is a network linking Los Angeles-based topical songwriters with one another, with performing artists, and with activist organizations.

New Song Library   An archive of PMN musicians work.

Preserve Maxwell St Maxwell Street Historic Preservation Coalition

World Peace 2000 Join the CountUP to One Day In Peace

War Resister's League The War Resisters League affirms that all war is a crime against humanity.

Home | History | Songs and Struggle | Membership